About:Cha Wu Grade Standard


The Top Grade is:Grade X,this grade is the top of that tea,only LongJing will sell this grade of tea now.

The Lowest is Grade D,this grade only Tieguanyin(This grade is use MaoXie tea tree) have this grade now.

What Different in the Different Grade?

  1. The most important is Tea Taste,the high grade will have more full tea taste,and it will stay in mouth more long time;The tea taste will made your feeling sweet,fresh and refreshing.
  2. And then the tea soup must thick and smooth,like the milk.The high grade will more thick and smooth.
  3. At last,the aroma must into the tea soup,whether smell or drinking you can feeling the aroma.The high grade,after drink the aroma will stay more long time.

We recommended to try Grade B or Higher Grade will have more better taste.

About the tea taste,we will talk about it at the next blog.

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