What is Tea Taste in Cha Wu?

Tea Taste is a Sticky Feeling

It will wrapped in your tongue,mouth,throat

The better the fuller


Why we said this Sticky Feeling is Tea Taste in Cha Wu?

Because this Sticky Feeling will become Sweet and Refreshing to let you Comfortable and Pleasant;


Distinguish the Tea Taste and Astringency

  • Tea taste is feeling something Sticky in tongue and mouth,throat and then become sweet and Refreshing taste.
  • Astringency is a uncomfortable taste on both sides of the tongue.


If a tea didn't have Tea Taste?

  • If didn't have tea taste,you will feel empty in your mouth after drink;
  • If a tea have strong bitter and astringent,but didn'have tea taste,after drink you only feeling the bitter and astringent,but nothing in your mouth.
  • If a tea no bitter and astringent,no tea taste,that's like to drink water,after drink is nothing in your mouth.

So,tea taste is very important in TEA