About Cha Wu

Brand Name:

"Cha"(茶)= "Tea"
"Wu"(武)="Martial Arts"
"WarmSun" (文承=) have two meanings:
1.Our Tea & Service is Warm as the Sun;
2.Chinese transliteration is mean Cultural Heritage,Tea & Martial Arts Cultural Spread.
We love Chinese Tea,so we committed to supply and promote quality and delicious Chinese tea to the world;
We hope that Chinese tea will make everyone who drink it feel cheerful and comfortable.



Brand History:

Since in 2010 we start to sell tea at PanYu District,GuangZhou,China;
Since in 2015,Cha Wu WarmSun brand start to sell in Aliexpress at first;(But after 2017 they not allow to sell tea);

Since in 2017,Amazon Flagship Store On-line

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