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New Arrive-HuangShan Tea

TaiPing HouKui Green Tea

Flavor: Refreshing Fragrance,after drink will become some aroma like flower


MaoFeng Green Tea

Flavor: Grass/Flower mixture,when drink will have this feeling it


Keemun Black Tea

Flavor:Wood/Honey/Rose mixture flavor,after drink will become this feeling.

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HuangShan Tea Mountain

How to drink tea in China

The South of China

The south of China,people like to drink KongFu Tea;

Use GaiWan with small tea cup to made KongFu Tea

The North of China

The north of China,people like to drink Green Tea and Flower Tea;

They usually soaked in a cup to drink.

Blend Tea

We also will made some Blend Tea;

Flower with Tea or some herbal with tea to brew.

What is Tea

It's pick the tender shoots of tea tree to made

Do you see the tender Buds and Leaf?

Cha Wu Tea Bags

Let's try a typical oriental tea,taste the light and subtle aroma

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Tea Mountain Scenery

Good tea is grow in a good ecological environment